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Free Web Hosting

India Internet Marketing makes no guarantee of reliability of the following services. Some may not be current. Please report any broken links or abuse.



Ads or Pop-ups


Frontpage Server Extensions CGI

Upload Capabilities

Crosswinds Unlimited None Yes No No FTP & Browser
Cybercities Unlimited None No No No FTP
Spree Unlimited Banner No No No Browser
SpacePorts Unlimited Pop-up No No No Browser FrontPage
Advantage2you Unlimited Banner No No Some FTP
SPAN Unlimited Footer       Browser
OneButtonM 100MB Banner Yes No ? FTP
Dreamwater 30MB Banner Yes No No Browser
FSN 30MB Banner Yes No No FTP
EasySpace 25MB Banner       FTP
WebJump 20MB Banner No No Yes FTP
Tricity 20MB Banner No No No Browser
Fortunecity 20MB Banner Yes No Some FTP & Browser
Virtual Avenue 20MB Banner Yes No Yes FTP, Browser & Frontpage
Internet-Club 15MB Pop-up Yes     FTP
Web Hosting 15MB Banner No No   FTP & Browser
WOW Mail 12MB Banner Yes No No Browser
The Globe 12MB Pop-Up     No FTP & Browser
Cynetcity 12MB Banner     No FTP
FreeServers 12MB Banner Yes No Some FTP, Browser & Frontpage
Free Yellow 12MB Footer     No FTP & Browser
Xoom 11MB Footer     No FTP
Fiberia 11MB Banner Yes No Yes FTP & Browser
Tripod 11MB Pop-Up     No FTP
Geocities 11MB Pop-up Yes   No FTP
Hypermart 10MB Pop-up&Banner Yes Yes Yes FTP & Frontpage
ProHosting 10MB Pop-up Yes Yes No FTP
Digiweb 10MB None No No Some FTP & Browser
RiftWar 10MB None     Yes FTP
internettrash 10MB None     No E-mail
Web4Free 10MB Banner     No FTP & Browser
Earth Online 6MB Link     No FTP
Escalix 6MB Banner     No Browser
Angelfire 5MB Pop-up     No FTP
For Free 5MB Banner     No FTP
Homestead 5MB Footer     No Browser
B-City 5MB Banner     No Browser
Phat Start 5MB Banner Yes No No Browser
Freezone 5MB Banner     No Browser
Intel Cities 3MB None     Yes Browser
Uncut 3MB None     No FTP
My Free Office 2MB Banner     No Browser
Zyweb 5 Pages No Yes      


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