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Meta Tags Optimization Tips


Your word count should be between 4-15 words with approximately 20-50% of the words being your primary keywords. We usually recommend short titles (4-7 words) that feature the keywords predominately (40-50%).
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Your word count should be between 10-25 words with approximately 20-30% of the words being your primary keywords. We usually recommend descriptions that are about 15 words with 25-30% being keywords.
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Your word count should be between 5-9 words with approximately 30-60% being your primary keywords. Some people will disagree with this information, if you read the information on the keywords tag in the Meta Tags section of the homepage on the browser tab you will see why we recommend this. In a nut shell, most engines won't even read the keywords tag and the ones that do don't place much emphasis on it. Developing long keyword tags reduces your primary keywords relevancy for that page in the engines that read the keywords tag.
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Your word count should be between 250-850 words with approximately 8-16% being your primary keywords. If you have a smaller webpage we recommend the lower percentage (8-10%). Small pages that don't repeat keywords too often perform rather well in the search engines.


Your header tag should be very similar to your title tag. The best thing to do here is copy your title tag and shorten it if it exceeds 10 words and use that as your header tag.
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Link Text

This is the hardest area to get a good rating in, and frankly we generally don't bother. Your link text should be between 10-25 words with 30-60% being your primary keywords. The best thing to do here is use text links that feature your keywords. If you don't get a good rating, but feature your keywords in the link text you should be alright from a promotional standpoint.

Alt Text

Your word count should be between 10-25 words with 30-60% being your primary keywords. Don't type whole sentences for your alt text. Keep it short and sweet and you should do well.
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The fluidity rating tells you if you use your keywords consistently throughout the webpage. You will want to have 70-80% of your primary keyword usage in the top half of the body. This means that you will have between 20-30% in the bottom half, which adds to the continuity of the webpage.


Site Screamer will provide an rating for your webpage. You may end up with a poor or fair rating here and still fare well in the search engines if your keywords aren't too competitive. If you have highly competitive keywords you should try to get a good overall rating. We will give you the information you need to place high on the search engines.

Below the most important meta tags are listed and how they affect your website are explained.

(<Title>): The title tag is the most important meta tag and all too often is not utilized properly. As with the description tag the title tag is what will attract visitors to your website. When web surfers query a search engine the results are based on relevance. When the websites are listed they are usually listed in the following manner: (The title is highlighted with blue)
Your webpage title will be displayed here - The description of your website will be displayed here...
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(<meta name="Description..."): The description tag is the next most important meta tag. As with the title, your description will typically be listed in the search engines. The description is highlighted in red above. Like the title, you will have to tread the fine line between creating an effective description that will attract visitors and rank well in the search engines for your keywords.
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(<meta name="Keywords..."): Due to abuse by many websites in the past search engines have reduced the importance of the keywords meta tag when ranking a webpage for keyword relevance. Many have actually decided to not even consider the keywords tag altogether. While it has reduced in significance it is still an important meta tag to include in your webpages.
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(<meta name="Copyright..."): The copyright meta tag, as with the rest of the meta tags to be discussed, are hidden. They are not viewable in the search engine results or your webpage. The copyright meta tag is essentially an opportunity for you to enter your company name in the meta tags. Some engines will read this tag, which could result in you ranking higher for your company name in the engines then you would otherwise.
Robots (<meta name="Robots..."): The robots tag serves as a set of instruction for the search engines when they visit your website. You can tell the search engines to index all of your webpage, only the ones promoted, or none of your webpages. This is an important tag that should not be excluded.


(<meta name="Rating..."): The ratings meta tag will tell the search engines a little more about your website. Whether it is acceptable for all audiences, or for adult audiences only. Some engines will directly look for this meta tag so be sure to include it within your webpage.


(<meta name="Distribution..."): The distribution tag will tell the search engines if your website is intended for a worldwide audience or not. While most websites are meant to be viewed by everyone, few include this meta tag on their webpage.


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